Introduction: Sometimes Life’s Just Like That

by 2writers4cats1baby

I’m a writer.  My fiance is a writer.  And until we can live off of that, or my fiance’s business (check out!) takes off, I teach swimming lessons and first aid, tutor, babysit, or do whatever I can to supplement my maternity leave income (don’t know what it’s like in the States, but here in Ontario, Canada, I make 55% of my pre-mat. leave income — and we could barely make rent with that!) and my fiance looks for jobs on the side.

We didn’t mean to end up with four cats.  I adopted one cat (count him: one!) when I moved out of my parents house years ago.  I was sharing a house with my younger brother at the time, who thought my cat was cute, so he and his girlfriend bought a kitten of their own…and then 8 months later came home with two more.  I fell in love with them all.  When my fiance, B, moved in, he fell in love with them too.  My brother and his girlfriend moved out, they fell out of love with them and left them with us.  Hence, four cats.

For future reference, Cheddar is my original cat.  He’s a big orange fluffball.  Crash is the first cat my brother bought, and he has some territory, as well as litterbox issues.  He has a pale orange back and a white stomach.  Pekoe (AKA mini-Cheddar) and Onyx (AKA Dark Lord of Chaos) are brothers, although Pekoe is more than twice the size of Onyx.  Pekoe is a Cheddar look-alike with two black stripes on his side, and Onyx is dark grey with a white belly. 

All the cats are male.  Cheddar is the only one who is neutered (due to financial constraints.  My brother obviously did not neuter his cats) so I’m surprised we don’t have violent cat fights.

We didn’t mean to have a baby, either.  Well, at least not this soon.  We were thinking: money, marriage, baby.  But sometimes Nature gives you these little miracles, proving that when doctors tell you that you won’t be able to conceive without medical intervention, they’re not always right.  We love little baby T.  She’s 2 and 1/2 months old and already trying her damndest to sit up.  If you start her at about a 45 degree angle she can do it, too.

So, in summary: 2 writers, 4 cats, and a baby.  Sometimes life’s just like that.