Some Writing Success, and an Extra Cat

by 2writers4cats1baby

I’m quite excited as my non-fiction writing has received some attention recently.  An article I submitted for consideration to an American magazine solicited a response and a request for some minor edits.  Now, I was competing against about 5 other articles, and there are no guarantees, but you can bet I snapped those edits off right away, accompanied by a fairly ass-kissing email practically begging for more criticism so I could shape the article to their every whim.  Hey, $32 for 500 words would make me awesome…in my own mind at least.

I’ve also started writing for Demand Studios, which made me nervous because they demand a serious resume and everything (heavy, for a website) and they’re specifications for article formatting and documentation are so, well, specific.  In high school and university, I hated proper documentation of research so much I just accepted that I’d be docked 5% or so off every essay.  I still usually got A- or B+ so who cared, right?  But when money’s involved, well, I’ll stress.  I got my first article approved (after several excruciating hours and a rewrite) and all I know is I better get faster at writing these or there’s no way I can make it my (temporary) full-time job.

What Am I?  Nuts?

So my friend calls the other day.  She’s taking her kids to the beach for week and she totally forgot that someone needs to take care of her new kitten.  Or else, it will, I don’t know, die?  But she was leaving the next day and couldn’t afford a kennel and would give me $70 so…you guessed it.  El Casa 2Writers4Cats1Baby is temporarily 2Writers5Cats1Baby.  B and I figured, hey, we love cats and our house it all set up where the cats have their own room to wrestle and cover in fur, why not?

Of course, we didn’t really think it through.  Crash is so crazy when he smells a strange cat that he turns on the other cats, normally his best bathe-each-other-and-sleep-in-a-giant-pile friends, and tries to kill them, literally.  So, although I thought about sectioning Cat #5, Gilbert, away from our 4, I forgot that I’d also have to separate Crash from all the other cats.

So we emptied T’s room, which she doesn’t use yet anyway, and put Crash in there.  The other cats remain in their room, and Gilbert is free to roam where he pleases.  Which is great, except for him being on the kitchen table, wrecking our stuff, leaving fur everywhere (did I mention I’m allergic to cats, which is why they have their own room?)… and making me super paranoid that he will accidentally hurt T.  Of course, we don’t leave T by herself for even a second with Gilbert around but a mother will worry.

If You’re Feeling Generous…

So, if you’re wondering how you can help a poor mother struggling to feed 5 mouths (4 cats, remember?) here is Way #1.  I intend to add a link to one of my articles on or to every post.  I make a little more with every page view, so please click.  If you’ve taken the time to read this, surely you can click.  You don’t even have to read the article ;P