Stress, (some) Success, and Brain Mess!

by 2writers4cats1baby

I do not do so well when I don’t sleep.  B convinced me to stay up until about 3am, which was stupid, because I knew T would be up around 6 for her morning feed and cuddle, but we’ve had so little adult time since T was born that I stayed up anyway.  Of course our resident evil houseguest, Gilbert, decided last night was the night to run laps around the room like a tornado (we sleep in the living room right now due to heat and no air conditioning, so we couldn’t shut him out) so I didn’t really sleep at all.  A few times I woke up to Gilbert gnawing on my arm, which of course was great fun.

Anyhow, we believe T is doing some early teething, which just makes her the *joy* of my life right now, and I did not have the patience for her contant crying.  Between not getting enough sleep for weeks, teaching backyard swimming lessons and babysitting to pay the rent, and never being able to keep up with my writing schedule, I had just had enough.  It took pizza and some hard-core exercise to get my stress level back down.

Speaking of exercise: I had been told the backyard swimming lesson du jour was at a house “close to mall X”.  Seeing as mall X is about 4k from my house, I was all up for rollerblading.  Google maps told me the house was in a suburb that didn’t look too far from the mall, so I took a bus to the mall (to save time) and brought rollerblades to go the rest of the way rather than wait for a connection.  The transit here is awful, you always get stuck waiting 20-30 minutes for a connection.  Anyway, the house was actually about 3k from the mall.  And the mall is the closest bus stop to the house, as it is located deep in suburban sprawl built for people who own 3.7 cars and wouldn’t use the bus if their lives depended on it.  So I had a 7k rollerblade home.  But like I said, good exercise.

B is getting more attention for which is great.  The people from nerdgasm comedy are interested in his site!  If you’re into nerdiness, geekiness, if you are a writer or artist with nerdy or geeky affiliations, or if you sell things or run a business which is in any way connected to geek culture, you need to check it out and share it with your friends.  He’s also on twitter: @sbrepublic.

Demand Studios is taking over 24 hours to approve my latest submission; I’m not going to be able to make a living this way once the maternity benefits run out, that’s for sure.  And here I was planning on churning out 8 quality articles a day for them.  Guess I’d better get creative again.

Speaking of money, here’s way to help a struggling mother #2: Buy Avon from me.  Did I mention I was an Avon lady?  If you’re in Mississauga, simply email me at and I can send you an ebrochure.  I do deliver if I can get there on the bus in a reasonable amount of time, anything out of that range I can ship through Canada Post, but I’ll have to charge delivery.

And, the daily article: