Want to Make Money Online? Ways to Make Money Online That Work: Paid To Click (PTC) Review of Best Paid To Click Sites

by 2writers4cats1baby

So, considering my financial circumstances, I’ve been looking into ways to make money online.  First, the PTC (pay to click) sites, because anyone can click.  These ones are not scams — I use them myself! This page was updated on Dec. 13, 2010, to reflect new information I’ve collected. Learn from my mistakes — I got scammed so you don’t have to! All the sites remaining on this page are trusted sites that have paid me.

Jill’s Click Corner

This site has endless amounts of ads, worth 0.001-0.025 each, which is good compared to most sites out there.  The ads come up right away without wait time, you can have numerous ads open at a time, and there are many pay to sign up offers (create a seperate email for all the verifications and junk mail) that will pay you $0.10 each and up.  Earn 10% of ref earnings for standard members.  Payouts are reliable. They have no minumum payout and have paid me SIX times. I easily earn ten cents a day here, without being upgraded or doing any PTSU.  Try it here: http://jillsclickcorner.com/members/register.php?ref=SaphireScorpion



This site is so unique and interesting.  Advertisers buy a cube.  There are at least 40 cubes each day you can click on for cash, (that reset every 2 hours for regular members) at rates comparable to most PTC sites.  There are also cubes you can click for “cube funds”.  Stay with me: this is a community where people buy cubes at a low price, (starting at one British pound) add cube funds to them to make them worth more (which hops them closer to the first page where people are more likely to click and see them) and then sell them for a profit in real money.  While you own the cube you can connect it to your own blog or site, meaning people will see it (guaranteed traffic!)  So it’s like a PTC, stock-trading, cheap advertising for you site all wrapped into one.  There are also mini-games you can play for cube funds.  It’s crazy addictive.  Also, it pays the same per click as the American sites, but in pounds, so it actually pays twice as much, once Paypal converts your funds! This site has paid me three times, for a total of 28.88 British Pounds, or about 50USD.  Check it out: http://www.you-cubez.com/?referer=117276


A reputable site that has been paying for 6 years! The trick is to  check back regularly throughout the day for new ads.  Even standard members can make 5-10 cents a day.  The minimum is 0.5 cents per ad: http://wordlinx.com/?r=305522


Minimum of four, 1 cent ads per day. 2 dollar instant payout, very active rented refs.  Half a cent per ref click.   Rented refs are only25 cents each for a month, and you easily make much more than your investment. I’ve only invested 2 dollars with the site (and that was after a 2 dollar payout so I haven’t lost anything) and I make 16 cents a day here now.  http://www.onbux.com/?r=SaphireScorpio  


A site where you would actually, and honestly, be a fool not to upgrade. 1o dollars give you a 500 ad bonus right away (at one cent per ad that is 5 dollars) and many extra ads every day. Checking back between doing everything else you do on the computer can pull in 30 cents a day. Many users of clixsense report cashing out to the tune of over 100 dollars a year — which is well worth the ten dollar upgrade. Clixsense has been paying thousands of people for over four years.  http://www.clixsense.com/?3301153


Numerous ads every day, even for standard members.  Low payout of one dollar.  Also has other earning opportunities like pay to sign up. Worth checking out:  http://www.clicksia.com/index.php?ref=saphirescorpion7


This site has a lower click rate, but has about 70 ads for standard members to click, as well as the recent addition of video ads which allows you to earn even more.  Cashout is higher (7.99) but they pay you everything they owe, no fees, and they pay when they say they will: http://www.buxp.info/?r=saphirescorpion

In case you didn’t guess, way to help a struggling mother #3 is to click on the PTC links and start clicking a few links a day.  You’ll make money off of it too, so don’t say I never gave you anything 😉

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