Felicia Day!

by 2writers4cats1baby

So B got to me Felicia Day at FanExpo this weekend!  She asked if he had seen her new shoes, and expressed interest in moving to Canada, until B told her how cold in gets in the winter!  Anyway, she loves Toronto.

So I’ve obviously been very busy, as I’ve neglected to post for a few days.  I’m working on a new short fantasy story, and have about 2000 words so far, with around 5000 words being the goal.  Haven’t heard from Realms of Fantasy about my 1600 word submission yet, but it’s early.  Still need to kick my butt into gear with the novel, which is still sitting at 61000 words, and needs to be complete at 80000 by Dec 31.  The ideas are all there in my head, but doubt in my ability to pull off the transformation of the main character realistically has been causing an epic year and a half of procrastination.  I’m making more money writing articles for Factoidz and Helium, though, which means if B gets the job he’s gunning for (fingers crossed!) I can stay home a little longer with T and push my writing career.

Small Business Republic is getting a lot of attention — B really talked it up at FanExpo.  Remember, if you’re interested in any and all things nerdly, you need to check out smallbusinessrepublic.ca

Gilbert has gone home.  We miss the little guy, but now we can give our own cats some time to stretch their legs downstairs.  Cheddar is hanging out down here, happy to receive all this attention 🙂

Short post today.  Click the link of the day: