Avon Fundraiser For Breast Cancer Research

by 2writers4cats1baby

Ok, I know I haven’t posted in forever.  My excuses are coming later.

Want to do something for the multitudes suffering from breast cancer?  Avon is selling pink bracelets with a silvertone medallion featuring the pink ribbon logo for $3.95.  All the proceeds go directly to cancer research — they do not pass GO or collect $200.  (A Monopoly joke, oh dear.  What I mean is, neither Avon or I make any money off of them.)  Contact me if you want your bracelets.  They’re pretty, and tell the world that you support the search for a cure.

Alright, on to the excuses.

I am a full week behind on my writing, due to some unforeseen complications.  T was born with a C-section, and I healed fabulously.  For 12 weeks everything seemed fine.  Actually, a sinister infection was camping out, giving me no symptoms, until it found its way to the weakest link (aka my incision) and burst its way out (eeeew!).  So I couldn’t finish my summer swimming lessons, I can’t do staff training (so I can’t sub at work for the next 3 months) and I was so foggy and spacy and tired that I have to play catch up now.  My writing goals for the month would take about 8 hours a day to achieve — and that doesn’t allow for baby, fiance, or cat interruptions.  So it’s actually more like 15 hours a day, real time.  Who can keep up with that?  I am, however, determined to replenish the savings account.  DETERMINED, I tell you!

I plan on doing a lot more writing here, as well — it’s a venue for me to practice being entertaining, and pimp out my writing, Avon, and B’s business (shout-out to Small Business Republic, btw.)

For now, however, I need to try and fit in some things from the Magical, Ever-Increasing To-Do List, so I’d better finish up.

Check out a random Helium article:


The title is, surprisingly enough: Should Abortion for Underage Children Require Parental Consent?  I just repeated it for SEO value 😉  Have a good night!