Work From Home For Easy Money? Yeah…

by 2writers4cats1baby

Right.  Remember that article I was soooo excited about because the publisher contacted me hours after I submitted, before submissions were even closed?  And how I made the edits they requested?  And then they got back to me again, and I made more edits?  Doesn’t that seem like they were interested in my work?  Apparently not 😦  After all that extra work for them they didn’t pick my article.  I was really counting on that 32 bucks.  Oh well.

At least writing for Demand Studios is getting easier.  I lucked out today because I found a How-To on writing an essay.  I spent 5 years of my life doing nothing but writing essays!  Why didn’t anyone tell me that an English/Philosophy major with a Poli-Sci minor would cause major essay burnout?  I should have done journalism, at least then I would have learned some useful writing skills…

I scaled back on my writing goal setting, as I realized that, taking care of T and doing housework was going to get in the way of working 12 hours a day and making thousands of dollars.  The idea now is to write one Demand Studios article a day, two Helium articles a day, and a Factoidz article every two days, along with finishing a short story (I need 3000 more words) and the word count of my novel (I need 19000 more words) by the end of the month.  And yes, that is cutting my previous ideal workload in more than half.  But I’ve decided dishes need to be done every day, so what are you going to do?  I also have so many “house organizing” projects that need to be done…like how the Christmas tree my boss leant me for Christmas 2009 is STILL up…sigh.

Cheddar snuggled me all night last night, what a cutie.  He doesn’t get to spend too many nights with me and B anymore so I know he likes the attention.

I’m putting in the Avon order for breast cancer bracelets tonight…only have 4 ordered so far…let me know!

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