Justin Bieber…What’s Up With That?

by 2writers4cats1baby

Not to hate, and it’s cool that he’s from Canada, but what’s up with the Justin Beiber phenomenon, really?  I mean, screaming pre-adolescent girls will like the tripe that is specifically created to solicit their screams, (that’s what market research is for) but what’s with the 30 year old women drooling over him?  Can you say jailbait? (Although in Canada, 16 is the age of consent, so the creepy cougars can sleep at night knowing that in the Bieb’s county of origin, they’re not considered pedophiles.)

Except of course, that he looks like he’s 11.  So it’s still creepy for adult women to have crushes on him.  I mean, it’s one thing to look at him and say “oh, that little boy can sing with the voice of an angel, and I love the cute little outfits he wears onstage,” but it’s entirely another for these women to enter “win a date with Justin Bieber” contests that are meant for girls in the 13-17 age range.  And he really does look like he’s 11.  You’re 16 for crying out loud!  Eat some protein and drop a testicle or two!

Full disclosure: I have never listened to an entire Justin Bieber song, which is why this post makes no comment on his singing ability.  Just because he is being mass-marketed to little girls doesn’t mean he can’t sing, and I refuse to judge a person’s talent without giving him a fair chance.

So, Justin Bieber, I promise that one of these days I shall listen to your songs and decide if I enjoy your voice or not.  I understand that your songs are written and produced by other people who wish to make millions of dollars off your cuteness, so I will not hold any lyrics or cookie-cutter melodies against you.

Commenters, let me know which songs of Justin Bieber’s I should listen to, if you wish to convert me to a fan.  Of course, I’ll have to listen when B is out of the house, because he has sworn a solemn vow never to dip his littlest finger in the raging river of pop culture :p

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