Writer Diaries

by 2writers4cats1baby

So, about a month ago (give or take) I made a move I should have made long ago: my first foray into fictional writing in the world of print media. That’s right; I mailed off my short story, “Grounded” to the Fantasy magazine Realms of Fantasy, in an effort to get it published. And yesterday I received *drumroll* My First Rejection.

It was completely expected.  My story fit their genre only by a stretch of the imagination, it was short, even for a short story, and it was a first attempt.  I am not even slightly discouraged. To the contrary: I am a real writer now!

I will be sending this story next to OnSpec, the Canadian Sci-Fi and Fantasy magazine. I’ll let you know how that goes. And if this story gets rejected by everyone, you will see it published here 🙂

On a more positive note, my writing for Helium is still drawing comments from their channel stewards. I was especially excited when the Health and Wellness steward, who is an actual doctor, sent me a message complimenting an article I wrote to that channel. It is likely that it could be better, as I don’t spend too much time polishing my Helium peices, (quantity seems to matter more than quality on that site) but you can take a peek at the article here.

Demand Studios/Website Reviews

I noticed that I received a decent amount of interest in my recent review of Demand Media Studios. Keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming review of writing website Helium.

I’ve joined the paid to forum website mylot, and am finding in suprisingly addictive! You’ll find my profile here:  http://mylot.com/rebeccascarlett