10 Reasons to Finish Your Novel

by 2writers4cats1baby

How many novels will I never read because they are sitting, half- or three quarters-finished, on the hard drive of someone like you? It can be hard to stay motivated, but there are a lot of reasons to finish that project of yours. Here’s 10 of them:

10.  Sense of Accomplishment

Most novels are between 80 000 and 150 000 words. That’s a lot of words. Like, a really, staggeringly huge amount of words. Won’t you feel absolutely amazing about yourself once you get it done? Think of the bragging rights you’ll have over all your friends who haven’t finished their novels!

9. Your Book is Better than a Lot of Books Out There

C’mon, I know you scan the shelves at your local big-box chain bookstore, read the synopsis on the back of the novel you just picked up, and say to yourself: “How did this guy get this cliched, poorly written piece of crap published? My novel is ten times better than this!” Well, yeah, maybe it is. But an unfinished, unsubmitted novel can’t be published, can it? So the answer to your question is: “ummm… because he finished his novel?”

8. Because You Can

Yes, you can. You may have to give up one t.v. show a night to work on it, but you can finish it if you just work away at it. Writing a novel is just like anything else — it’s not some insurmountable goal, like climbing Mount Everest with three hundred pound weights strapped to your legs. Stop telling yourself you can’t do it!

7. Because You Started!

You’ve already got 50 000 words, or 20 000, or 800, or a well-developed plotline, or an elaborately fashioned alternate universe.  Or perhaps you have the ultimate heroine that teen girls everywhere will connect with, and who will finally save us from Twilight. The point is, you’ve done some work already, and that work will be meaningless, unless you finish!

6. Your Parents Will Be Sooooo Proud of You

‘Nuff said on this one.

5.  I Want to Read It

No, really, I do. There’s so much crap out there these days; it’s impossible to find a good read. If you have half of one sitting in your desk drawer, finish it, please!

4. The Second One Will Be Easier

Once you finish your first novel, it will not be nearly as hard to write a second, or a third. It seems impossible that you could write a novel: after all, no one knows who you are, you’ve never been published, etc, but once you have written one, you’ll know that you can. And suddenly the sequel won’t seem so difficult!

3. You Can Get It Off of Your Hard Drive

Once you finally have a finished, printed copy, you can have it bound at some office supply store, and all of your working notes and drafts can be jettisoned in favour of new writing projects, or more photos of your friends acting stupid at parties, or whatever takes up the most space on your hard drive. Of course, keeping one electronic copy is always smart.

2. You Can See Your Book on Store Shelves

While it’s true that not everyone gets published, remember earlier — when I mentioned all the crap that does get published? You’ve got a good chance of seeing your book on a shelf in a real, actual store! And you can always self-publish. Self-published books are a fast-growing percentage of the book industry.

1. You Could End Up Rich and Famous

Alright, so your chances of becoming rich and famous aren’t high. But they’re a hell of a lot higher than if you never finish that novel, right?

So, what are you waiting for? Get to it!