Make More Money From Your PTC Site! Attract American Clickers and Adverstisers!!

by 2writers4cats1baby

You’re a hardworking admin with an honest PTC site.  All you want to do is run your business, and you’re good at that! But if English is your second language, you are probably scaring off members and advertisers without even knowing it.

Advertisers want Americans to see their ads. Americans have the disposable income to buy what they’re selling. Unfortunately, to most American PTC clickers, nothing screams “SCAM” louder than a PTC that is full of mistakes in basic English. Fewer members means fewer advertisers, which means even fewer members, and before you know it…your business fails.

It’s not because you’re not smart. It’s just because English isn’t your first language!

Well, I can help. Before you go online, I will check your entire website and find every tiny error in your written English that may put off customers. I will help you keep your business’ image professional and polished. It will take me less than ONE DAY, and it will only cost 10USD! What a small investment to make to ensure that your business looks professional and is not driving away highly sought-after American clickers and advertisers.

My work is 100% guaranteed. I am a native English speaker with an Honors B.A. in English from the University of Toronto. I will not let you down.

Ongoing consultation regarding forum posts and support tickets can also be negotiated.


Contact me at: with “PTC English Support” in the subject line.