Is Onbux A Scam? Onbux Update!

by 2writers4cats1baby

EDIT: Onbux is now a SCAM. Please see details at the end of this entry.

Tired of PTCs that tempt you into investing only to disappear in the middle of the night with your money? PTCs that don’t let you cashout unless you’ve upgraded? PTCs that take a month to get your money into your paypal, or who only accept weird alternate payment processors you’ve never heard of (because the legitimate ones have banned the owner of the PTC for scam-like activity in the past)?

Well, your search for the most legitimate, honest, instantly paying, low cashout, no crap PTC is over!

Onbux is free to join, and as a standard member (no upgrade or investment) you will get one cent per click, minimum four ads a day (sometimes more) with a half cent per referral click. There is no limit on direct refs and rented refs are 25 cents each for the month. Cashout is 2-3-4- up to ten dollars, and payment is instant.

Unlike Neobux, previously considered the gold standard of PTCs, where many of the rented refs are bots who do not click, and you lose money on many of the refs you rent (google it, many people are complaining of this) virtually ALL of the rented refs at Onbux earn you 2 cents a day. Many refs earn you 5 or 6 cents a day. Do the math: 25 cents to rent for the month, but 30 days times 2 cents a day = 60 cents for the month: that’s a 35 cent profit. Click until you have enough to transfer to your rental balance and rent some refs, then sit back and watch the cash roll in. I promise it won’t be long until you’re investing your cash from other PTCs in Onbux, because I’ve yet to see a PTC that consistently DOUBLES (or more) your investment.

There are other stable PTCs out there, but nothing beats Onbux for quick cash. You don’t have to trust me: click patiently until you have enough money to invest (no loss) and see for yourself! Don’t settle for pennies a day when you could be making dollars (or way more if you want!) a day.


There is no doubt that Onbux has replaced any other site to be the GOLD standard of PTCs!

Copy and paste to get started!


The golden days of Onbux are over. A dishonest admin bans anyone from the forum for daring to question anything, or post any truthful reports of non-payment or inactive refs. Once banned from the forum, even if you were “whitelisted” for payment before, you will be waiting, as I have been, for over 30 days for a small payment of $10 (and I am a golden member.)

RR averages went down, down, down everyday, until there was no more profit to be had at all. The strange this is, as soon as I was banned from the forum, my 400+ rr’s went from clicking 230 per day, right back up to about 400 per day! Why? Because Onbux admin had decided not to pay me, and wanted me to have high rr clicks as an incentive to invest MORE money (luckily, I’m not that stupid.) Convert your credits to ads and say goodbye to Onbux!