2Writers4Cats1Baby is a “Jill of all trades.”  She lifeguards, teaches swimming lessons and first aid (she is a certified first aid instructor and examiner with the Lifesaving Society) babysits, tutors, sells Avon products, writes short and long articles (for fun and pennies on the internet) short stories and is close to completing her first novel (out of many that have been started and put on hold since she was 13.)

She majored in English and Philosophy at the University of Toronto (yep, that makes her a Canuck!) with a minor in Political Science.  She finds herself drawn to discussions and debates about human rights (especially gay and women’s rights), law, religion, and anything that can be considered philosophical.  Expect to find in this blog posts about her life and budding writing career, current events (especially controversial ones) and her family.

2Writers4Cats1Baby lives with her fiance/common-law husband, B, their 3 month old daughter, T, and 4 ridiculous cats who usually think they’re dogs: Cheddar, Crash, Pekoe, and Onyx.

She is more than willing to promote your blog/site/content (if she thinks it’s well-done, she doesn’t believe in selling out!) in exchange for same 🙂

Her articles can be found on Helium at http://www.helium.com/users/202215 and Factoidz at http://factoidz.com/profile/rebeccascarlett/  She also contributes to Demand Media Studios.